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Bee Mine Honey Hair Perfume Mist

Bee Mine Honey Hair Perfume Mist


Smell just like a honeycomb. Bee a queen bee.  ðŸ¯ Ê•âœ¿à¹‘•́ á´¥ •̀๑ʔ


This hair mist is not made with alcohol, it will not dry out your hair like a hay stack!

Made with much love 🌼



🐝  Water pH 7

🐝 Aloe vera

🐝 Glycerin

🐝 Skin safe fragrance

🐝 Natural preservative to keep away germs & mold 🦠


Each bottle holds 1 oz of the hair mist. It can also be used as a body spray!

If you like the scent, I sell a larger bottle that holds 3.3oz just message me. 

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