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White Branch


The 2nd Renaissance

At Pr1nce22a, love, art, and nature are everything. Since starting out in 1996, my main focus has been to bring back these elements into the forefront of everything. We are currently going through a 4th Industrial Revolution; the world is becoming industrialized, minimalistic, boring, and robotic. Companies only care about how much they can sell, the money companies earn isn't used towards a cause, planet Earth is being destroyed to build more factories for consumerism, and everyone dresses the same, as if we are assigned uniforms. It's time we turn that around and focus on making an impact on the world as a collective! Support a cause & don't be afraid to bee you. We need your originality. With every sale, 50% goes into preserving wildlife. The time has come to turn inner beauty & expression inside out - what are you waiting for? Shop with us. 🛒

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Image by Christopher Czermak
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