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Where does the 50% of all sales go?

Yes, the 50% is really used to preserve wildlife. Here is how!


Cockatiels come in all colors and sizes. They are extremely smart, male cockatiels can talk and whistle songs. I love studying the colors of their feathers. There are some mutations that make them appear a beautiful soft color, there are other mutations that makes them look like a cinnamon brown. In order for them to breed, they requires a healthy diet and care. Your donations help maintain these fluffy angels in tip top condition!

Pistachio- Emerald Cockatiel

Green Hummingbird

Nectar for Pollinators

Without pollinators, we would die. Earth wouldn't be able to reproduce. Pollinators such as bees and hummingbirds love drinking flower nectar. As they drink the nectar, the pollinator brush against the flower, which covers them in pollen. They go to the next flower and that flower is now pollinated. I have a backyard garden with pollinator friendly plants and nectar. Your donations help in the maintenance that goes into the plants and flowers which feed our pollinators!

Aviary Park

Twenty-Nine Palms, California
With a strong passion for birds and flowers, I plan on opening an aviary park. There will be al kinds of flora with a library and birds free flying! I plan on filming documentaries about the importance of our ecosystem and preserving Earth in this very aviary park. Thanks for your help!

Image by Andreas Dress
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