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Bread Parfum Oil

Bread Parfum Oil


Indulge in the warm and comforting scent of fresh baked bread with our Bread Parfum Oil. The top notes of yeast and oats are reminiscent of the perfect loaf rising in the oven. As the scent develops, the middle notes of baked bread and milk create a mouth-watering aroma that will make you feel like you're in a bustling bakery. Finally, the base notes of dough, melted butter, and vanilla extract add a rich and lactonic finish to this delightful fragrance. This parfum oil is perfect for anyone who wants to carry the cozy scent of freshly baked bread with them throughout the day. Simply apply a few drops to pulse points and enjoy the delicious fragrance all day long.

Luxurious bottle size: Roll on applicator with 15ml (.51oz) of parfum oil. Only 5 ml more than the travel size, but the bottle is luxurious!
Travel size: Roll on applicator with 10ml of parfum oil.

Top notes: Yeast, Oats

Middle notes: Baked Bread, Milk

Base notes: Dough, Melted Butter, Vanilla Extract

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