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Oncidium Brassia Rex - Spider Orchid

Oncidium Brassia Rex - Spider Orchid


𑁍 Water once a week, about twice a week during hot months

𑁍 Bright light, indoors

𑁍 Likes humidity

𑁍 Rare flower, resembles a spider


Not 𝑖𝑛 𝑏𝑙𝑜𝑜𝑚 🌸

This plant has

♡ 3 pseudobulbs

♡ new baby pseudobulb

♡ one of the leaves split (see pictures). Plant is completely healthy.


𓇢𓆸 The plant you see on the post is the plant you’ll get, minus the flowers since it has finished blooming! All pictures are taken by me ♡︎


*the pictures of the flower are just to show the type of orchid it is as this plant itself is not in bloom, it already finished blossoming*


Please note that shipping plants causes the plants stress & may arrive droopy, some flowers may fall off or get damaged, but I will package them to the best of my ability & ship them as soon as possible. & I am not responsible for any damage done by USPS or for the orchid once it is out of my hands. ♡︎


I recommend shipping with USPS Priority Mail Express so the plant can arrive fast 📦

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