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Learn a New Language or Two

Why not learn a new language? or two! We only have one life! Why not learn that language you always wanted to be fluent in? If you don't start now, then when?

I will be the first one to tell you that learning a language is not easy. Everyone thinks learning a new language is a smooth ride, but it is not. I think that's why people tend to give up so quickly. There will be very difficult moments were you will feel like giving up, but if you keep pushing through, you will learn more than you did yesterday.

Learning a new language is not a race. You will not learn it in one year. It takes centuries and centuries of history & people to build a single language, how can you expect to learn it under a year? Take your time with it! Be content with the progress you are making. If you only know one word out of the language you are trying to learn, that is progress!

The truth is we never stop learning language, whether it is our native language or even human body language. We are constantly adding new words, creating new forms of expressing ourselves through gestures, that alone is a language.

Fall in love with the progress because there is no end road.

My first language was Spanish, then I learned English and am currently now learning Italian and French! I am in love with language. There are so many different ways we can learn to communicate with each other. Spanish is one of my favorite languages, and although I am a native speaker, I still learn new words all the time!

If you would like to learn Spanish, I offer a course where I personally work 1 on 1 with you and create a plan according to your learning style and needs! You can sign up just for $33 a month here.

Below is a video where I teach you the ABCs in Spanish, enjoy! Learning a language should be fun, light, and stress free. If it feels boring then you are doing it wrong.

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