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Self-Love Begins With U ♡

Be honest with yourself.

What do you think about yourself when you look at the mirror? Do you even look at yourself in the mirror?

If you look at yourself in the mirror and the first few thoughts that pop into your head are negative, you need to rewire your thought patterns about yourself. I used to be that person. Always looking in the mirror to find flaws in myself. Always pointing out what I hated about myself. I was tired of being my biggest critic. I had to change that. Instead of being my own critic, I wanted to become my own biggest supporter!

I had to remind myself that looking into the mirror meant I was going to compliment myself and not judge myself. There were days where it was exhausting because I couldn't find a single thing I liked about myself physically. There were days where I lied to myself. I didn't like my hair, but I was forcing myself to say that I had the most beautiful hair ever. It felt so fake, but I kept doing it.

Within a couple months of doing this, the perspective I had of myself had changed. I didn't have to lie myself anymore because I had fell in love with me. I began to actually love every single little aspect about myself down to the amount of oil my skin produced. I started to love mirrors because I programmed myself that looking into the mirror meant compliments. I had always been beautiful, I had always been perfect. All I needed was my own validation.

Stop waiting for others to tell you that you are special. Tell yourself. Tell yourself how special and amazing you are. Write poems to yourself about how the sun shines in the morning just for you! There is no one on this world like you, there is no one in the world that speaks like you or has your mannerisms. You are special. Self-love!!! Pour all the love that you pour into others into yourself and watch how your life magically changes. When you love yourself, you are loving everyone else. Be your own best friend, you will thank yourself.

Until the next,


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